How long does a Vibe last?

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How long does a Vibe last?

Post by jdub_74 »

Okay I realize that is a very vague question and that there are a million things that factor in. I'm just looking for a rough idea how many miles one can expect to get out of a 2003 - 2006 Vibe (base model). I'm actively looking for one but having a hard time finding any with less than 100,000 in my price range. Most of the Vibes I see for sale locally are in the 120,000 - 160,000 range. If I buy a 140,000 mile Vibe should I expect to get several more years out of it? Any highest mileage threads out there? Some input would be appreciated.
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Re: How long does a Vibe last? (jdub_74)

Post by lovemyraffe »

There are a few people who have maxed out their odometer (299,999). I currently have 120,000 miles on mine with no issues.
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Post by ramenboy... »

i'm at like a little over 180k. been running fine, except that i'll need A/C service. after 7 years, this car is still rockin
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Re: (ramenboy...)

Post by CAMOGIRL »

I think as long as you keep up on all the little maintenance items you should get a good long life out of them. There may be a little catching up to do if you buy one with higher mileage, but there are tons of posts on here that will help you go through things piece by piece and get them cleaned, replaced, greased, etc. and you will have a happy life with your new (old) Vibe. I bought mine in February, and have put 8k miles on it in that time frame, no real big problems whatsoever. One thing to look at on those higher mileage Vibes would be if the check engine light is on. Do a search for the P0420 code to read a little more about it. It's not a huge deal, but tracking down the source of the code can get costly. Another thing to think about here, the Vibes have the soul of the Pontiac, but the majority of their guts are Toyota. Good luck on your search!
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Post by 09vGT »

2 years and 80K miles later, no serious issues. I'm also a maintenance freak.
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Post by carguyjohn350 »

Ive got an 04 GT with about 154,000 miles, original clutch and spark plugs (though they will be changed soon). Runs like a top, gets 30 on the highway. I change oil every 3,000 and changed the blower motor one time, other than that no issues.
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Re: How long does a Vibe last? (jdub_74)

Post by KITT222 »

My Vibe is 8 years old (built Spring 2003 as an 04 model), has 86,6XX miles on it, and has actually been through a previous wreck, so she is now on a salvage title. And honestly, this is a brilliant car. No complaints, no issues, everything works as it should, the motor runs fantastically, and I average over EPA highway mpgs regularly. My friends AWD has 151XXX miles on it, and it is GREAT. Aesthetically, it needs some work, but it still runs, drives and operates perfectly. A Genvibe member has had their Vibe over 450,000 miles.

Re: How long does a Vibe last? (jdub_74)

Post by joejoev »

Quote, originally posted by lovemyraffe »There are a few people who have maxed out their odometer (299,999).The Vibe will last a really long time with some TLC (regular maintenance) and a bit of luck. I'm proud to say I'm a member of the 300k club, not to mention the 400k club, and unofficially the 500k club!!! I say "unofficially" because I had a P0500 (vehicle speed sensor) issue earlier this year in which 5,000+ miles were not recorded on the odometer (2nd instrument panel).My 300K and 400k mileage threads, containing some Q&A and insight to my Vibe's longevity. The 500k thread to follow soon. ... d?id=40222
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Re: How long does a Vibe last? (jdub_74)

Post by djkeev »

Well, so far the record is about 8 years. Some 2003's are STILL on the road!!!BTW the real answer to this question is that there is NO answer. For example, I've got a 1969 Karmann Ghia, most 69 Ghia's are long gone so what is the answer if one should ask how long a Ghia lasts? Do you take mine as the answer or do you take the countless 1000's that perished decades ago??It all boils down to care, service and repairs. A 100% variable that is as individual as the person that owns it.Dave
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Re: How long does a Vibe last? (djkeev)

Post by 03VibeOttawa »

Quote, originally posted by djkeev »Well, so far the record is about 8 years. Some 2003's are STILL on the road!!!My car was manufactured in July 2002, which puts it at 9 years, 2 months. I'm currently over 196,000kms. I've had no powertrain issues/repairs, never seen a check engine light, never burned a drop of oil. I'm hoping It lasts at least another 10 years!
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