Engine Light Stuck On

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Engine Light Stuck On

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I have a 2006 Vibe with 120K kms (75K miles approx). In 2017, the engine light came on after gasing up in the pouring rain. Seven years later, light still on. I need to resolve this in order to 'import' the car to a new province: it will not pass the out-of-province inspection with the light on. :( Rendering the vehicle almost worthless not to mention, I want to continue driving this car for a long time to come.

To date:
- In 2017, soon after the engine light came on, the GM dealer spent 4 hours on it when replacing the PCM/recall, couldn't find the issue and told me to drive it until it drops (um, yeah, all good until it needs an inspection)
- Replaced the gas cap (online trouble shooting pointed to that as a potential problem/solution - vapor lock when gasing up, etc)
- independent mechanic spent 2 hrs and the code reading was that the VIN could not be found...
- another indepedent mechanic took a shot at it, again no resolution and wonky codes.

Since the light came on, I've personally driven it a large distance across the US, coast-to-coast in Canada a couple times, and would not hesitate to jump in it tomorrow and drive it coast-to-coast again. There is nothing wrong with this car. It's the most reliable versatile vehicle I've owned and I'd really like to find a way to solve this. I appreciate any ideas. (Disconnecting it to pass the inspection is not a solution that will work.) Edited to add: VStability Light came on at same time. No issues there either, but noting cause it came on at same time - and remains on.
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Re: Engine Light Stuck On

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Did the mechanic(s) say what the actual codes were? Such as P0420, P0411, etc? If not, I would either buy a OBD reader or take it to an auto parts store that can read it for you. There are several older posts about check engine lights but the code will help to narrow it down since it can be mutiple things as you mentioned (gas cap, 02 sensor, PCM, etc).
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