Takata airbag replacement electrical problems afterwards.

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Takata airbag replacement electrical problems afterwards.

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I recently had the Takata Passenger airbag replaced on my 2009 Vibe 2.4 Base and now the horn does not work - coincidence? I used the horn (deer in road) on the way to the GM Dealer so I know it worked that morning. I checked the fuse - good. I connected the horn directly to the batterly - it beeped. I replaced the horn relay, horn still does not work. I even removed the driver side airbag (after disconnecting the battery) and checked the horn ground - it was connected. QUESTION? has anyone else had electrical problems after the Takata airbag was replaced??? The dealer wants $242 to fix the horn.
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Re: Takata airbag replacement electrical problems afterwards.

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I'm not 100% positive on the 2nd gens, but I believe the airbag recall was only for the passenger side and for the airbag computer thing. They shouldn't have touched anything on the driver side, but I could be wrong.

With that said, the majority of the time on the 1st gen (03-08) if the horn stops working it is simply the clock spring, or spiral cable I think Toyota/GM call it. They can be purchased relatively cheap from Monkey Wrench Racing or eBay. I'd like to think it would probably be similar on the 2nd gen.

Is your SRS light on? If so, have you pulled the codes?
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