For Sale 2005 Ponitac Vibe

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For Sale 2005 Ponitac Vibe

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I have used the GenVibe forum to find many answers to help address issues for years while owning this 2005 Pontiac Vibe.
Although I thought I would never part with it, here we are.

I figured I should list it on here in case anyone is looking for specific parts.

2005 Pontiac Vibe Base. Engine has over 200,000 miles. Recently replaced windshield, heater, and tires.
Interested in any offer. Located in Seattle, WA. The car is still being driven.

Thank you,
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Re: For Sale 2005 Ponitac Vibe

Post by deebiv »

Any parts for sale?
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Re: For Sale 2005 Ponitac Vibe

Post by Gwiz462 »

My girlfriend got into a crash coming out of our driveway; minor damage to the front end, but temperatures look great through the cooling system and the OBD doesn't have any codes pending. Curious about what parts would be needed on here out of Portland, OR, 2005 Base, high miles but respected.
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