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For Sale

Post by kspajor »

I have 2 vibes that I was going to make into 1. One is my wifes car she hit a deer with, the other is the parts donor car to repair my wifes car with. Unexpectedly life has changed and my wife passed away. I would like to sell both cars together as 1 package, i have titles for both cars but they have been sitting for a couple years.
I don't know what they are really worth but I am thinking $2,500.00 might be fair for the pair total. Willing to discuss before I cut off the CATS and scrap them both.
I can't figure out how to put pics on here yet but let me know if interested and I will get you some info. Thanks!
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Re: For Sale

Post by SeattleJeremy »

Hi kspajor,
Sorry for your loss.

Where are you located? Do either of the cars run?
Genvibe doesn't have a way to post photos, but you can post them to a photo website like and share the link here.
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Re: For Sale

Post by tpollauf »

Agree. Provide years, mileage, trim, and very important .... location
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Re: For Sale

Post by joatmon »

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actually, it is possible to post pictures to genvibe. The reason most folks have trouble is that genvibe has a size limit for attachments, and most digital cameras take pictures with a file size that greatly exceeds the limit,

and I agree, let folks know where the cars are
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Re: For Sale

Post by MePrimo1 »

Sorry about not enough info, new to this stuff.
The cars are in NW Indiana.
The car my wife was driving is a 2008 with around 100,000 miles and was running when we parked it after she hit the deer but has been sitting and has a dead battery.
The parts car is a 2006 and has a bad motor due to overheating is what I was told when we bought it.
I had a friend do a compression test when we got it and was told 3 cylinders had bad compression, so not running and has over 200,000 miles. This car has power windows and locks and is also a moon and tunes but the glass in the sunroof is broken.
I will try to log in everyday to answer any questions I can.
Thanks for your interest. I hope I can help someone out here.
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