SOLD 8 June 2022 - F/S: 03-08 Hidden Hitch

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SOLD 8 June 2022 - F/S: 03-08 Hidden Hitch

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Curious if anyone is interested in a hitch for an 03-08 Vibe or Matrix. It is a Hidden Hitch, part number 60958. New ones do not appear to be availble anymore.

Used, not factory pristine. Includes drawbar and ball, and four bolts/washers. One bolt has some slots unprofessionally cut in the end to work as a sort of tap to help clean out mounting hole threads, which, if it fits your car, will have over a decade of road grime in them.

I don't know what it's worth to anybody, not worth anything to me since i am vibeless. I supposed it could be shipped, but it will be a hassle to box up and shipping cost will be non-trivial, so might be better to try to work out some sort of hand off. I'm in MD.

can see install procedure and what it looks like on a Vibe at ... 60958.aspx

Here are pics of the thing
hitch1.jpg (61.79 KiB) Viewed 1259 times
hitch2.jpg (63.33 KiB) Viewed 1259 times
bolts.jpg (46.37 KiB) Viewed 1259 times

Update 8 June 2022 Hitch sold to a genviber
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