2005 Vibe won't start

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2005 Vibe won't start

Post by mcgee107 »

2005 Vibe
When I turn the ignition key, nothing. Doesn't crank.
The battery was replaced yesterday and shows 12.5 volts. It started three times earlier today with no problem. Now there is no response at all.
I know the problem might be the starter relay. Any ideas on what else may be wrong. Thanks for any advice you have.
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Re: 2005 Vibe won't start

Post by andrewclaus »

It's just as likely the starter motor itself. It's not a difficult job. I replaced mine with a set of bicycle tools while traveling. I bought the best starter available at the local parts store for less than $200.

You might try tapping the solenoid part of the starter with a hammer or stick and see if that has any effect, to verify the problem.
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Re: 2005 Vibe won't start

Post by joatmon »

welcome to genvibe

The starter relay is on the top side of the under dash fuse block, can get to it by pulling the storage bin left of the steering wheel. or maybe also yank out the vent/mirror control trim piece. see the pictures in viewtopic.php?t=32849 As a test, looks like you could try swapping it with the DEF relay next to it (in that pic, swap the blue and pink relays, yours may be different colors)

if its not the starter relay, it could be a number of other things
ignition switch
bad or corroded battery terminals
AM2 fuse
park/neutral switch on the tranny (or clutch pedal switch if manual)
bad ground wire

When you turn the key to start, do the lights dim, any audible clicks?
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Re: 2005 Vibe won't start

Post by SSizler »

If everything was working fine before, and the problem started after a battery replacement,
you may have a battery cable(s) that failed after you moved the cables while replacing the battery.
I've seen it before.
Are the cables soft and flexible, or stiff and crackly?
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