German Club?

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German Club?

Post by JSCampbell »

I was wondeing if it was possible to start a club with only one member? LOLJust kidding, I wanted to let any other German Vibe owners they are not alone. Are there any more? I see one or two on the streets in Darmstadt, but they are military. I'm not sure if there are any other Vibes over here?Cheers
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Re: German Club? (JSCampbell)

Post by Kamikaze »

Wie ist Deutschland?I see no one has responded to your post, It's actually kind of cool being the only contributing member from somewhere.. I thought there was another member from Deutschland, but I guess I could be wrongI'm not in Germany, but I do wish to visit at least once in my lifetime.
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Post by ITcar »

Its beautiful, Ive been lucky enough to visit a couple of times, the shopping there is AMAZING
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Re: German Club? (JSCampbell)

Post by Blueridge9 »

Welcome to GenVibe!I hope you are enjoying the Vibe in Germany. We have several other members from Germany. Just click on Member List and then enter "Germany" in the Country box. i hope you find other Vibe drivers to talk with.
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Re: German Club? (Blueridge9)

Post by kunkstyle »

My grandparents are from Germany. Does that count?
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Post by WaveAction »

welcome to the forums
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Re: (WaveAction)

Post by 02csnow »

I was born in Germany, if that counts.
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Post by joshman »

I was raised by Germans and I speak "Deutsch" if that helps any.....
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