2005 Vibe Crankshaft rotates then stops

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2005 Vibe Crankshaft rotates then stops

Post by Kane302 »

Sorry for the long post but I have had a week with my 05 Vibe, Speedy!
I was able to get the Vibe my daughter drives, I own, back to do some much needed maintenance on it.

I changed the oil, replaced the Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid, replaced the air intake manifold gasket, and resealed the fuel injectors.

Upon restarting the car it turned over, didn't start, I knew it would take a few times since the fuel rail was empty. I cranked it again, it turned over and did not start, I tried again right after and was met with a clunk. Tried it again, clunk.

Knowing the battery was over 7 years old, I replaced it since it would need one soon anyway. Same issue after battery replacement, tried a few times, starter made clunk sound each time, got hot and smoked.

I replaced the starter, same problem with the new starter. I removed new starter and it tested good out of the car and at advanced auto. I removed spark plugs, removed serpentine belt. Everything the serpentine belt connects to spins freely except the crankshaft. The crankshaft will turn in both directions using ratchet and extensions at least 3/4 of the way then abruptly stops at about the same place and will not budge past that point. With the starter back in it and rotating the crankshaft it will spin the engine to the stopping point then clunks, so the starter is definitely good.

Has anyone encountered this before? My next step is to remove the starter and start the boroscope flywheel timing chain once I get time and a friend comes with his boroscope.

Could it be the timing chain slipped, or something is down in the chain or flywheel?
Any help or advice is appreciated!
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Re: 2005 Vibe Crankshaft rotates then stops

Post by joatmon »

That sounds bad, but Welcome to GenVibe!

I honestly can't say whether the 1ZZ engine in base vibes is interference or non-interference (if the timing chain breaks or slips, the piston hits the valves) The internet (and even here at genvibe) has one group of people who firmly state non interference and another group that firmly states interference.
Kane302 wrote: Tue Jul 09, 2024 7:11 am I changed the oil, replaced the Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid, replaced the air intake manifold gasket, and resealed the fuel injectors.
I assume the car ran before you did those things. Coincidences happen, but from my own unfortunate experience, when a new problem occurs after I work on a car, its because of something I did wrong or should have but didn't do at all.

Can't see how the oil change or tranny solenoid could cause the issue. I suppose its possible that some foreign object got into the mix when you pulled the intake manifold and is somewhere on top of the cylinder head. Or some piece of something got in when you resealed the fuel injectors and is floating around on top of one of the pistons.

Its possible for the timing chain to slip, but since you didn't mention a maintenance task such as replacing the O-ring on the chain tensioner (a common oil leak on these engines) it's hard to attribute a slipped chain to the maintenance you did.

Sounds like the problem started before you replaced the starter, whatever it is keeping the engine from turning over stopped the engine, the starter tried in vain to turn it over, pulling enough current to overheat, so I wouldn't expect an obstruction to be in the flywheel area

When you get access to the boroscope, look at the top of the pistons through the spark plug holes, see if you see any foreign objects, or any part of the surface made shiny by hitting something. Given the baffles on the bottom of the valve cover, it might be hard to scope the top of the head through the oil fill hole, but its easy, although tedious, to replace the valve cover gasket if you have to pull it to check in there

Sorry if that''s not all that helpful, but please let us know what it is once you solve it.
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Re: 2005 Vibe Crankshaft rotates then stops

Post by vibedrivermatt »

How was the car running before you did the work to it? What promoted you the replace the torque converter solenoid?

If possible, maybe you can undo what you did. Put the old solenoid back on. Maybe that new one isn't working as intended and is causing the engine to hang up. I don't have any experience working on auto transmissions but a common sense approach to doing things is to sometimes just undo what you did, if the fix causes problems that weren't there before.
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