HELP!! PLEASE!! 2006 That Sat in Grandma's Yard For 6 Years!!

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HELP!! PLEASE!! 2006 That Sat in Grandma's Yard For 6 Years!!

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So I'm not sure if I'm posting in the appropriate spot so forgive me if not, but I need help, please!
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Re: HELP!! PLEASE!! 2006 That Sat in Grandma's Yard For 6 Years!!

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Welcome and I will help to kick off the discussion but will need more information from you. For example, how many miles are on the Vibe? Was it parked in a known good mechanical state or were there pre-existing issues? What climate is this in or what state? Have you started looking at anything yet to know the condition (pop the hood, pull oil/trans dipstick, look at tires, open doors to see if dome lights come on, etc)? Was there gas left in the tank? 6 years is a long time for a car to be parked and never run so any additional details would be extremely helpful.

Also, there are various checklists available with some basic Google searches but depending on your situation and the condition, you could modify them to fit your needs. If gas was left in the tank, one thing that I would not recommend is trying to start the car! The gas in the tank, lines, engine, etc would be degraded to the point it is not combustable and could cause issues with the fuel pump, injectors, etc. I would recommend siphoning as much as possible from the tank, replacing the fuel filter and filling with new gas once you are ready to start it. There are plenty of other forums, sites, advice about dropping the tank, replacing the fuel pump, draining the fuel lines, etc but I'm not sure if that would be required with the small residual amount that might be left in there. Since I don't have first hand expirience with leaving gas in for this long, another member might be able to provide some input.

There are other items that you would want to check out and/or address before attempting to start or drive the car. For example, did you check the battery/electrical system since it might need a new battery, cables, have corrision, etc. Did you check the hoses for dry rot, leaks, splits, etc? Did you check the belt? Did you replace the oil and filter? Did you check/replace the trans fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, etc? Did you check the conditions of the tires, brakes, joints, bearings, etc?

I know this is alot to start but there is a lot to check on a car that has not been driven/started in 6 years. The worst part would be to attempt to start/drive before preforming the electrical and mechanical maintenance and then have more problems to deal with.

Please post a reply with any info and we can continue to help you get this Vibe back on the road!
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