Disc brake upgrade - swaps?

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Disc brake upgrade - swaps?

Post by coro12 »

Ive got an 04 vibe Awd and wanna upgrade the brakes
I heard the Celica could get Avenesis brakes as an upgrade, anything like it for our Vibes?
How hard would it be to fit the newer vibe brakes to the older vibe, mine's got drums in the back zz
Vibe on~
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Re: Disc brake upgrade - swaps?

Post by Vibraphone »

I know this is an older thread, but here's my experience with "upgrading" brakes on many other cars over the years.

1. It's foolish to put larger calipers & discs without upgrading the Master Cylinder. Calipers & Master Cylinder are matched. Sure, you can do it, but you won't get the braking effort the bigger calipers are capable of delivering. I've found on Bimmers, larger Calipers with stock Master Cylinder hardly changes the game.

2. On a Benz, I upgraded the Brake Booster + larger Master Cylinder -- with only slightly larger Calipers & Discs. Wow! It stopped like an AMG for very little 'junkyard money'

3. Vibe is a very light car and the Master Cylinder, Booster, Calipers & Discs are very well matched. I've found -- as I've done with many other cars -- the best [cost-effective] upgrade to get slightly better brakes, without breaking the bank, is very simple. Stainless Brake Lines at all four corners.

Better pedal, harder pedal, quicker brake response. Well worth the $125 and about 2hrs driveway-time.... and if gravity is on your side, you may not need to bleed the brakes.

This is my experience.
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