How to adjust light direction?

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How to adjust light direction?

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I haven’t looked yet, but are we able to adjust the direction of the headlights? A lot of drivers when I’m passing them from the other direction flash me thinking I have highbeams on. I don’t. I did replace the lights with an after market part on Amazon because there were so fogged up, I’m thinking maybe they’re pointing too much towards the other lane.
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Re: How to adjust light direction?

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Re: How to adjust light direction?

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Looks like you can only adjust the headlights up or down, not side to side.

There are a number of threads here about this, but sometimes the search tool here isn't as helpful when searching for commonly used words. Sometimes I use google and add in a site: qualifier. do a google search for pontiac vibe headlight adjustment

For what its worth, I attached the headlight height adjustment procedure for an 03 Matrix, should be the same as for your 06 Vibe. Other threads here suggest that a #3 phillips works well as an adjustment tool

If your lights really are shining too far to the left, then check to make sure the bulb is fully seated. After that, I guess it might be possible to add some spacers somewhere between the body and the lamp assembly if you really do need to tweak it.
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