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Discuss any maintenance you've done to your Vibe & Matrix and ask how to perform maintenance on your vehicle
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My wife complained about an intermittent problem with the starter, and once she heard a grinding noise, so I put a new one in. I bought the best one available at the local O'Reilly's, about $200. I don't want to see her stranded somewhere--she takes the car on long trips in rural areas, and makes a lot of stops. At 217K miles, it looks like the '07 is going to continue to be fairly reliable.

Installation was simple and fast, though the only tools I had with me were in my bicycle tool kit. It was a little hard breaking the 14 mm mounting bolts free with just a combination wrench in a narrow space.

I replaced front brake pads and caliper pins a few months ago with the same tool kit. The largest combination wrench needed on a bike is 17 mm, the right size for the caliper bracket.
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Glad it was an easy swap. Nice to have a good, small tool kit, although sometimes it's handy to have a bigass breaker bar
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