Weird clicking noise coming from my engine

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Weird clicking noise coming from my engine

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Hey guys, I’m new here. Got an ‘03 with 296000km on it, so she’s going strong. Recently I’ve noticed a strange clicking sound coming from the opposite side to the belt and it’s recurring when idling. My car sits at around 700-800 rpm, which I’ve seen in other forums is normal…

I’ll see if I can upload a video but I’ve read it could be something to do with a valve? Should I be worried?

The video: ... p=drivesdk
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Re: Weird clicking noise coming from my engine

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welcome to genvibe!

Couldn't check out the video , requires a login, and I don't want to know your login ;)

There are a lot of threads here about ticking sounds around the airbox, there's a vacuum switching valve that ticks, which is normal. I'd be inclined to ignore it myself. you could try to take some piece of a hose to use as a stethoscope just to make sure its not coming from the engine
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