Rear cargo hooks 2009 2.4L Vibe Base

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Rear cargo hooks 2009 2.4L Vibe Base

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New here. Just bought this nice 2009 Vibe and maybe, just maybe, someone can answer a question. The set of 4 higher plastic hooks in the cargo area...what are these for? Not the sturdy lower metal rings, the higher ones. They seem to have some specific function but I'm stumped. Thanks!
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Re: Rear cargo hooks 2009 2.4L Vibe Base

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Hello and welcome! I have a 2009 base also. I use the hooks with a small diameter rope, maybe para cord that you can get at walmart, to keep things from rolling around in the rear area, sometimes to keep them standing up (like a 5 quart jug of oil.)

It's hard to get a knot to hold on that little hook, but a clove hitch with a small flexible rope will work if you pull it tight. See number 6 below.
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