Warp rotors every 5,000, mi

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Warp rotors every 5,000, mi

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2009 base model. I've had a lot of front end work done. It has that signature steering column rattle as people talk about. I've had front rotors put on in. I have no problem until about a little over 4000 mi and they start pulsing like it's warped and when I come off the expressway it's very bad but I just use the engine to break to slow down to about 40 and then put the brakes on. It's like I said I have no problem when they have new rotors on it for a while. Any help would be great. Thank you!
Yes, I've had different manufacturers of the rotors also
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Re: Warp rotors every 5,000, mi

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Had an 03 matrix, with a rotor warp problem from the disc calipers not releasing enough, causing overheating. replaced both calipers and its been 100K miles since the last time I replaced the rotors.

Not saying that's what's going on with yours

Another cause could be improper or over torquing the lug nuts
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Re: Warp rotors every 5,000, mi

Post by jolt »

Calipers can be the main cause of rotors going bad. You can check this with a temperature IR gun to see how hot the rotors are. A stuck caliper piston, slide pins, bad pin sealing boots, etc.... Also a bad brake line hose or a pinched steel brake line can cause this same thing to happen too. That is why you should never let a caliper hang by its brake hose. You can damage the hose layers inside the line. The inside layers of the brake hose can then act as a check valve and hold pressure on the caliper and brakes, wrapping the rotor.

You also need to make sure all rust is removed between the hub and the rotor. Good contact here can help get rid of heat from the rotor.

If you have a bad speed sensor or anti-loc brake system part failure could cause issues with wrapping too.
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