Pontiac, faded emblem, easy fix

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Pontiac, faded emblem, easy fix

Post by Derf »

Seems many Vibes suffered this same issue. The front and rear Pontiac emblems faded from their once former glory to... pink. A quick trip to GrafxWerks.com for the following items:
http://grafxwerks.com/shop_detail.php?pid=VIBA2-1223" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
http://grafxwerks.com/shop_detail.php?pid=VIBA2-1152" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Took the Vibe from:

Back to its early glory:

I chose "Regular Bright Red" for both overlays. Anyone else have issues with their emblem fading, saw some posts on this site reference the same, but no pictures? Instead of misting with water as GrafxWerks suggested, I found "fogging" the application area with my breath (like cleaning glasses) worked great. This car spent a great deal of time sitting outside in a parking lot at work, but was otherwise garaged by the former owner, hope the other items don't fade as easy.

I know over the years GM has had several issues with emblems. Most recently a recall on Tahoe 2008 or newer Chevy grill emblems falling apart with the gold color "disappearing"
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Re: Pontiac, faded emblem, easy fix

Post by ColonelPanic »

Looks great! Thanks for bringing it back up, always good for a new generation of members to know about these. I'd imagine a lot of the older pics have gone away with the site transition or if they were hosted on a now inactive member's personal accounts somewhere.

The pink arrowhead was a common fixture on many Vibes -- even when they were new on the lot they were already starting to turn pink! We're very fortunate Grafxwerks came to the rescue. The one on the front is cracked, so I may order an overlay to cover that up. And maybe some for the Sonic once I figure out what color I want.
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Re: Pontiac, faded emblem, easy fix

Post by thebarber »

I'd like a fake voltz "V" to cover the front...
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Re: Pontiac, faded emblem, easy fix

Post by MaSlade »

Do you mind telling me how you were able to apply it?

I ended up wasting the front and rear ones I bought from GrafXwerks because it got stuck to my fingers and became ruined :(
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Re: Pontiac, faded emblem, easy fix

Post by Blueridge9 »

I bought these emblems a few years ago and they look great. I will probably need to replace the front emblem again since it gets the most wear. Since my Vibe is orange I got navy for the front and silver for the back and I got small silver flames for the sides and a genvibe.com decal for the luggage rail.
Hmm, I don't recall trouble applying them, I simply followed the directions that came with them.
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[URL=http://s278.photobucket.com/user/b ... .jpg[/img][/url]
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Re: Pontiac, faded emblem, easy fix

Post by RexB »

Refresh an old post...

Thanks for the tip on Grafxwerks. My emblems faded o'course. These new vinyl decal Arrowhead overlays went on well and look good. Real sticky.
Regular colors $6 now, reflective colors add $3.

And an update on the links (they gave notice of a new website). Decals for the engine, s.wheel, panels, bumper inlay etc too.

Front, several colors, http://www.grafxwerks.com/cart.php?targ ... uct_id=283
Rear, http://www.grafxwerks.com/cart.php?targ ... gory_id=17

The actual factory emblems i see now are $19+ front, $12.50+ rear on eBay now and a salegain site i haven't shopped before.But they'll fade too. http://salegain.com/Pontiac%20Emblems?p ... fgodEKUAWw

Darn good car, these cosmetics help it stay good lookin'.
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Re: Pontiac, faded emblem, easy fix

Post by dhouston1 »

I just ordered one of these grafx for my faded red emblem on my 2009 vibe
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Re: Pontiac, faded emblem, easy fix

Post by Jammin81 »

I used a black emblem and a can of hyper dip. It's still going strong and had done for about 1-1.5 years now.
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