2009 Front Door Belt Seal Question

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2009 Front Door Belt Seal Question

Post by DocDoug »

I have a 2009 Pontiac Vibe 1.8 manual with 150,000 miles. (Only repairs to date have been the water pump, steering shaft, one half shaft, starter, and one ignition coil. Routine maintenance of oil/filter, plugs, filters, trans fluid, brake fluid. GREAT car.)

I am in need of the exterior window seal that runs along the bottom of the window. GM part 19184484. GM dealers online have the part for $85 plus $20 shipping.

The 2009 Toyota Matrix has the part (Toyota part 6817202160) for half the price.

My question is are the seals interchangeable? The glass windows are identical for the two models but I can't find anything cross referencing the front door belt seal.

Thank you! Doug
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Re: 2009 Front Door Belt Seal Question

Post by Bookworm »

I don't have one, but I strongly suspect it is identical. Toyotanation might also have it somewhere in their pile.

When I was looking at the newer ones, it seemed like the same 'changes' between Vibe/Matrix in the newer refresh. That is, rear quarter panels, trim, and the hood/fender structure.
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Re: 2009 Front Door Belt Seal Question

Post by tpollauf »

I'd say pull up next to one and verify for yourself (if you can locate one in your town ???) I might see one or two matrix's a year in my neck of the woods compared to 10-20 vibes of the same generation (09 +).
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Re: 2009 Front Door Belt Seal Question

Post by cadcoke5 »

I recently realized that I need the seal along the bottom of the window for 3 of the windows on my 2010 Vibe. It seems this is called a "belt seal". Another site provided generic information on weatherstripping said it may be called a "window sweep".

Regarding finding parts, I was surprised at how expensive this part can be. I have over 135k on this vibe, so I keep having to consider how much money I want to put into repairs. Though, in reality, I will probably run it indefinitely. I am puzzled about the part for the belt seals.

I found one diagram that listed the following parts for belt seals on a Toyota Matrix.
Front 75720 75710
Rear 75840 75730

But this doesn't agree with what was posted earlier on this thread.

I have also run into what seems to be generic belt seals.
https://www.ebay.com/itm/225001111378?f ... %3A2047675
For $15, it may warrant just trying it, even if it specifically lists other years, and not a 2010.

Any other ideas?
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Re: 2009 Front Door Belt Seal Question

Post by mustfixvibe »

I also have this problem, and before discovering this place I actually bought a generic seal off eBay similar to the one cadcoke5 linked. There are two problems with it. First, the part that is not covered in adhesive is only 5mm tall, whereas on the original seal that part looks like 10mm tall. Second, the generic seal is flat and the spot where I would attach it is vertical so the seal would be sticking straight up instead of nestling against the window like the original.

Maybe there's a generic seal of the right size and shape, but I have not found it yet. I would buy one of the few genuine replacement parts that I've found, but I'm not even sure that they include the rubber seal. Honestly I'm hoping this part isn't very important to replace...
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