Throttle Body Spacer plate for 2008 LV 6 enigine

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Throttle Body Spacer plate for 2008 LV 6 enigine

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Hello, I have finally been able to get regestered and get logged in.From what I have been able to read on this site so far several folks have mentioned adding a throttle body spacer on their engines. The problem I am having is finding a spacer for the 2008 LV6. Gene at Street Performance has been very helpful but he doesn't kmnow if there is a plate for this engine. Can anybody please advise if they have found a spacer for a 2008 and where they got it.Thank You !!
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Did not know the Pontiac Vibe had a V6 Engine...
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Re: (ou.grizzly)

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You must not have seen the cylinder-swap-arrangement that enginenutballdotcom had on sale.... just like those vacuum cleaner motors ebay sells as superchargers...The LV6 is the GM engine code for the 1ZZ-FE... I'm surprised that they didn't put little stickers with GM approved codes on every little compnent on the Vibe that has a Toyota part number... (I bet someone in marketing has suggested this)http://www.streetandperformanc...m.htm Always remember to look up cars with the same engine (Matrix, Corolla, XB, XD...)
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yup helix is the one I had.
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Re: (northvibe)

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I did buy one for $85. Lost power, no increase in mileage, sold it for $50 after a week. Not worth the investment unless you plan on supercharging down the road.
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Re: Throttle Body Spacer plate for 2008 LV 6 enigine

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