Spare tire donut for sale

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Spare tire donut for sale

Post by rickiann »

Wanted spare tire 2006 vibe. Email
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Re: Spare tire donut for sale

Post by joatmon »

I do not have one

Perhaps you should edit the title of your post to replace "for sale" with "wanted". The thread title makes it look like you are selling one, not looking to buy. doesn't seem to have a category for those, so perhaps its a thing that junkyards don't inventory. Might be worth a call to a local junkyard to see if they might have one though

I didn't like it when car makers started providing donuts instead of full size spares. I've heard a lot of new cars don't even come with donuts, just a can of tire inflator. I like that even less

The vehicle I had before the Vibe had a donut, and I had to use it once. When I let the jack down, I found out the donut had lost pressure, I had never checked it, and the tire bead broke free from the rim. Not the kind of thing you can reseat on the side of the road. lesson was to periodically check the donut tire pressure.
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Re: Spare tire donut for sale

Post by Bookworm »

My father's Hyundai came with... a can of tire inflater goo.

They hunted around and tracked down a full size wheel and tire at a junk yard.

I have a full sized spare, and a donut (and technically a second one in the vibe I need to put up for sale)

You _can_ get one from a lot of places, including e-bay. They're the same as the Toyota Corolla one. You can also get new tires, but they're pricey.

I wish they had a goo you could slather on the sidewalls to keep the oils from percolating out while they're in storage. (I've researched, they really don't. Even the 'tire shine' products come off at the next rain storm. petrochemical products tend to speed up the plasticizer loss)
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