Can't Change or Add my Avatar

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Can't Change or Add my Avatar

Post by SSizler »

Hello Admins,

I wanted to update my avatar today, but could not complete the task.
I thought deleting the existing avatar would allow me to add a new one.
Instead I have no avatar now and can't add one.
Is there a problem with my account or is the problem with the site?
TIA for your assistance!
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Re: Can't Change or Add my Avatar

Post by joatmon »

I see that. The only option is to delete your avatar, but there's no option to upload a new one, or select one of the stock forum avatars. Haven't changed my avatar for a long time, so I don't know when that disappeared. Hopefully a mod or an admin will be able to help you (us) out
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Re: Can't Change or Add my Avatar

Post by tpollauf »

I too lost my avatar about a year ago or longer and just lived without it. It is still there when I go into my profile and hit "edit avatar" and shows up as the current avatar, but does not display it anymore. No big deal
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Re: Can't Change or Add my Avatar

Post by Bookworm »

Glancing at the avatar page, it appears that there's a glitch with the image storage location.

There are two sets of 'avatars'. One is a set of gallery avatars. That looks to be missing, or the permissions are wanked. The other is a place for you to upload your own avatar - and that looks like it's in a read-only mode, so it's not available for use.
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Re: Can't Change or Add my Avatar

Post by SlammedNiss »

Hmmm. Does mine show up? ------->

edit:doesn't look like it.
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