Dog cargo covers?

Upholstery, floor mats, seats, window tint and anything inside the vehicle and not electronic
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Dog cargo covers?

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Anyone have a dog/pet cargo cover in your vibe that you like? I've been looking at them all over the internet. No one has one specifically cut for the vibe, but there are lots of general fit ones.. Just don't want to waste the money "trying" them out.
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Re: Dog cargo covers?

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We've seen topics about different rugs for the cargo area, and different types of barriers to keep dogs in the cargo area, but I don't remember anyone ever bringing up the kind of padded surround that I think you are asking about.

Might be hard to find anyone advertising Vibe compatibility this long after the Vibes are out of production, so you may have to look at product dimensions/specs and compare them to what you measure the cargo area to be
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