List of interchangeable wheels - 2009, 2010 AWD, GT

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List of interchangeable wheels - 2009, 2010 AWD, GT

Post by Kate158 » Sat Oct 09, 2021 12:03 am

I was trying to find an extra rim for a cheap (read: junkyard) full-size spare, and found out that there's a difference between hub- and lug- centric. Old news to everyone but me, I'm sure.

I keep reading that Camrys (no year specified) do interchange, so I could end my troubles by going and snagging a wheel off my sister's Camry, but she said no. :cry:

I figured my chances were better if I had a list of interchangeable wheels. So I went and tried to make one.

According to, the following wheels should fit a gen-2 Pontiac Vibe AWD or GT. They should be identical in every way but offset (I excluded all offsets more than 7 mm difference). I also excluded results with lug bolts instead of lug nuts, because I'm not sure how that affects fit. I also didn't include rim diameter, because I'd have to go search up each and every one of these cars individually, and I don't wanna. (maybe later).

Take these measurements with a grain of salt, and do your own research, because bolt-pattern had the hub size for the Vibe wrong (they had it the same size as the gen 1s) and the offset was off by a millimeter. Also recognise that until last week, I knew very little about wheels beyond that they go 'round. I could be missing something very important in my list, and never know. But hopefully, my research will provide a good starting point for other people with the same issue.

Corrections very welcome.

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