alternator discrepancies

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alternator discrepancies

Post by bluneon »

i'm searching alternators online and i'm getting differing information about which ones are compatible with a base 2006 with the 1zz 1.8L

some sites say the 210-0395 denso reman works and other sites say it doesn't.
the 210-0393 denso is also giving me the same results, some sites say it fits while others say it doesn't.

which one is correct?
are the alternators in the matrix/corolla the exact same? the original p/n on my current alternator is 27060-0d110 and p/n 27060-0d110-84 is a legit number in the toyota parts catalogue. i'm also finding conflicting information using the toyota part number.

which denso reman should i go with? would it be safe to get one from the toyota dealership? or should i bite the bullet and get one from the GM dealership with vin specific results even though it could take 7-10 days to get here.

thanks, yall.
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Re: alternator discrepancies

Post by Caretaker »

I can only hope that Denso's own part search program works properly. Here is the link to their site. It shows that the 210-0395 is the proper alternator:
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Re: alternator discrepancies

Post by zbyers »

IIRC, the GT and non-GT alternators are interchangeable.
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Re: alternator discrepancies

Post by bluneon »

i wanted to test the theory that the 27060-0d110 alternators were all the same, regardless of vehicle model.

since the p/n 27060-0d110 shows up on alternators originally installed in corollas and matrixs and vibes i went to the pick and pull. pick and pull alternators are only 20 bucks and considering how easy it is to pull one i might as well try one out.

if it works in the vibe, awesome; then i'd know to order a denso reman from the toyota dealership with a 1 day arrival time.
if it doesn't work, i'd only be out 20 bucks and some of my time and then end up ordering one from GM and wait the 7-10 day arrival time.

i pulled one out of a 2008 1zz corolla with the same matching 27060-0d110 p/n on the sticker.

it's been well over a week and so far it's been working fine.

experiment completed.
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