ce lights, and valve clatter and robots oh my.

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ce lights, and valve clatter and robots oh my.

Post by jschorr » Fri Jan 23, 2015 5:09 pm

im having some issues with a car i just got. it was having these issuses when i bought it buy want to make sure i am not missing something.

first some stats

2003 vibe gt
141k on motor
throwing a p1693 code

so i looked up the code that it threw during my test drive, the p1693 and pulled the oil cap and saw that the inside of the motor was a nice dirt brown color, i bought it, and started throwing mmo in it. after a couple short turn heavy cleaner oil changes i will pull the filters and give them a clean.

now durning the test drive i was on the peddle pretty hard but yesterday i took it to work and heard something else.
it has what sounds like valve clatter, or something worse. it happens only below 3200rpm esp starting up hills. and when ever i push the gas a bit to much. should i look at the valve clearances with only a 141k on the motor?

by the feel and look of it the last owner drove it at low rpm all the time, otherwise he would have gotten the ce light before and it was the only code in it's history. after about 20 miles it is not as bad as it was. i hope after i clean out the motor and get the gunk out it will go away but...yeah.

and one more thing, shifting the transmission feels like eviscerating a robot. anything that can be done about that? maybe new bushings?

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Re: ce lights, and valve clatter and robots oh my.

Post by lobi » Fri Feb 06, 2015 3:15 pm

Did the lift screen cleaning and mmo get rid of the code? Did you get to hit lift?

Try and locate the noise (pinpoint) by ear or use a stethescope. I use a real long screw driver held up to (handle pushed against) my ear and keep touching the other end in different places around the engine while it is running. Just don't stick it in the accessory drive belt, lol. This will transfer sound quite well to help pinpoint location. I have a wild hunch it is timing chain noise. The chain tensioner is on the firewall side just below the head on the passenger side. It goes thru the block there and they are known to wear. I'll bet you have some oil in the area as well as the o-ring on it tends to leak over time as well. Easy job to swap it out with two 10mm nuts. Search on here, I'm sure the job has been explained by someone.

I think these 6 speeds are notchy at best. They are not slick and smooth like other Asian manual transmissions. I currently have two GT's and they both feel like the same crappy shifting you mentioned. I did however, on both, drain the gearcase and fill with Amsoil 75-90 synthetic gear lube and this does make them behave a little better. The drain and fill can be done faster than you can locate an Amsoil supplier in the area.
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Re: ce lights, and valve clatter and robots oh my.

Post by Salsa Guy » Fri Feb 06, 2015 4:49 pm

The main thing is GL-4 in these 1st Gen Transmissions. Anything else will fry the syncs.
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Re: ce lights, and valve clatter and robots oh my.

Post by jschorr » Fri Feb 06, 2015 5:26 pm

so just cleaned the screens. took me over an hour to get the pasenger side back in.....should have just pulled the alternator.
the one next to the airbox was a real mess, packed full. the other not much anything.

at the same time i seafoamed the motor through the vac line. another mess.
after the smoke cleared it ran beautifully.

i should have been happy but i tried to get lift too.
ran smooth up to 6800, no light....but also no lift.
from the state of the screen i am guessing i need to do some more cleaning. i will boot up torque and see what my timing is doing as i go along. should give me a better idea.

BUT (EDIT: after letting the car sit for a few hours it ran ok. not good, or bad, just ok.)
that i when the trouble started. came to a light and it almost stalled out. and when i started up again there was more vale noise than ever before.
(i had changed the clean looking oil and that quieted the noise before to acceptable levels)
i was right next to my house so i just parked it, i will deal with my mess tomorrow. maybe a clogged screen...again.

so tomorrow i am going to throw a pint of seafoam in the crank case and see how that goes. the mmo is doing a little but it is like a highschool team playing the Harlem globe trotters.

i will pull the valve cover soon as it gets above freezing or i can get some time in a heated garage and go at it with a brush

thanks for the tip with the trans. i have gotten used to it. but when i switch back to my supra i realize that i man can get used to just about anything.

i also feel that you might be right on with the timing chain thing. i actually do have an slow oil leak coming from the....well now that i think about it it i above the exhaust on the passenger side, but that doesn't change what might be a great solution. i am so tired of adjusting valves.

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Re: ce lights, and valve clatter and robots oh my.

Post by jschorr » Sat Feb 07, 2015 3:25 pm

i got lift!!!!!

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Re: ce lights, and valve clatter and robots oh my.

Post by vibrologist » Sat Feb 07, 2015 6:47 pm

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