SRI Tips?

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SRI Tips?

Post by FinkVibe » Thu Feb 13, 2014 7:46 pm

I just received my Cosmo Racing SRI for my 03 Vibe GT in the mail. Does anyone have any tips for installation/maintenance/preparation before I dive in?

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Re: SRI Tips?

Post by Salsa Guy » Fri Feb 14, 2014 6:57 am

I just installed one on my 03 GT. Follow the instructions.

First thing is disconnect the battery both sides negative first.

There is a Vac Switch on the front of the air box mark the Vac lines where they hook up before removing it. I used some colored nail polish.

They refer to the Connector , for the Vac Switch, as a "Sensor". I taped the connector so no debris will get into it and wire tied it to the harness by the battery.

There is a switch or sensor mounted on the lower part of the Air box I was able to mount it back on the lower part of the Vibramount.

The Vac Switch on the back of the Air Box I wire tied to the the lower throttle cable.

They mention installing the 5mm plug twice on the TB. There is only one. That plug replaces all the front Vac Switch stuff.

Use some silicone grease around the MAF O-ring before installing it in the SRI.

There is a vac hose that say that can be reused, well it doesn't fit. Use that Blue Hose they gave you and use a clamp and tighten it down well (it's a little big) on the engine side before putting the SRI in. On the SRI side a spring clamp will work.

On mine the Vibramount was a little tough to get the SRI on to. I really need to go back and do a little bending on the brace and adjust the SRI position.

Re-Check all the SRI Clamps.

After everything is checked-out then connect the battery.

Also any time you mess with or move the SRI make sure the battery is disconnected. I fried a MAF on my Trix and that's a $100 repair.

It makes hitting LIFT sound much more impressive. Enjoy!
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