San Diego Meet 7/25/09

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San Diego Meet 7/25/09

Postby EdBoy23 » Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:17 pm

San Diego Summer Meet 7/25/09

Whats up guys
its that time again of the year, another socal sd summer meet

the meet date is saturday July 25th

more info here,


from 5 NORTH
take 5 South
exit E. Mission Bay Drive, make a left, then turn left again on east mission bay drive and we should be on that long stretch parking lot (2nd one)

Mission Bay Directions
from 5 SOUTH
take 5 north
exit Sea World Drive, then make a left onto Sea World Drive
Right on E. Mission Bay Drive (1st stop light)
continue going straight until you pass the hotel on the left
it will be the 2nd lot after the hotel


* bring sunblock. haha

Plan for the Day
10am to meet @ mission bay (park is show on the map)
and around 4-5 we can probably cruise out to clairemont mesa blvd like last year or we can probably hit up D&B, mite have to have some ppl over 25 get some of the under 21 ppl, like me

alrite so the location of the meet is the usual spot it is every year, (though we mite move it to crowne point if it is open) since there are more activities to do there like e.g. basketball, bonfire pits,etc. etc.

ill post more info as it gets closer, oh yea in order to avoid some confusion about the location like what happened last year, make sure you have someones number of who's going to help keep you updated on the situation.

alrite remember THIS IS A POTLUCK! SO BRING SOMETHING or send someone some money so they'll take the time to buy something in your place

LA, SD, I.E. etc. etc. please assign someone in your area to be the assigned person to collect the money and do the job

List of ppl goin and what they are going to bring

1. EdBoy23 - drinks and chips
2. toyorollaXRS06 - famous fried rice lol
3. erick - lumpia (shanghai rolls in pork, chicken and shrimp)
4. Manny/Shantay - Cake!!
5. Knoxvvti - Hot Dogs and Hamburgers
6. jeiarneesi- drinks
7. Exlaz (most likely) - Bong
8. Alanluong - Sodaaaa
9. shaowq - some kind of bbq like last year
10. Nobsmatrix-hto dogs or some kind of bbq....MEAT most lik,ely ( and yeah the socal matrix is dead but ill be there)
11. Jaysi09 - sodas and something (i'll check the list as the day approaches)
12. zero- Utensils
13. rolla_dink - dessert - cookies and/or ice cream (so i can play with dry ice)
14. RSTRD03 - BBQ and some hot dogs with buns
15. OneLayzieBoy - chicken wings or pancit
16. The One- Soda
17. XR2003 - bottles of water

Also we'd like to mention that we'll be passing out name tags only to people that bring stuff. So if you don't have a name tag we(meaning me most likely) will 100% deny you access to food.

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Postby damronjr » Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:39 pm

Hmm, might show up to this, but I don't know that anyone is going to care to see a Chevy HHR SS at a Toyo meet! lol
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Postby Mariachi » Mon May 04, 2009 12:09 am

ah damn it! i wanna go! im in AZ though.

ill talk to my wife and see about going.


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Postby EdBoy23 » Sat Jul 04, 2009 4:12 am

ah cool cool
haha its cool, come with whoever and watever
just be sure to bring some food for the potluck

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Postby lovemyraffe » Sat Jul 04, 2009 11:32 am

If it was 2 weeks later I would be there.

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