Race header for 2ZZ -- we need a test car!

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Race header for 2ZZ -- we need a test car!

Post by dr_jlitman » Sat Aug 18, 2007 11:49 am

Quote, originally posted by jlitman;770409 »Hey guys,PPE Engineering has developed a very nice (and relatively inexpensive) race header for the 2ZZ (developed for Celica GT-S) that really delivers!For details on the design specs, pictures, and dyno **click here** To read the full thread on the development of the race header, with more pictures (starts on p.6), dynos (starts on p.11), and details **click here**PPE needs a test car to ensure fitment on a Pontiac Vibe (or Matrix).Here's what would be needed:(1) A mechanically sound MT 2ZZ Vibe or Matrix in or near AZ.(2) You must be able to go without your vehicle for at least one day; longer if the header needs to be redesigned somewhat to fit.If interested, besides PM, you can reach me at jlitman@shell.cas.usf.eduThanks,JordanTo contact PPE:PPE Engineering480-615-7900 480-966-1408sales@ppeengineering.comM-F 8:30am to 5:00pm

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Post by MRCN RCE » Tue Aug 28, 2007 10:26 pm

would i be right in assuming that the test car will get a free header??
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Re: Race header for 2ZZ -- we need a test car! (dr_jlitman)

Post by NUBlackshirts » Wed Aug 29, 2007 1:21 am

Wish I still ived in AZ!
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Post by Ninja_Logan » Tue Sep 04, 2007 2:19 pm

i live in glendale, so if its still up let me know

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Post by vehicle_5 » Mon Jan 07, 2008 9:39 am

For those still interested, we have a group buy setup now for the 2ZZ race header. Also, we have a group buy setup for the 1ZZ race header!! Since I used my car as the test subject, I can tell you that this header TRULY delivers. Here are the links.PPE 2ZZ Race Headerhttp://newcelica.org/forums/sh...53710PPE 1ZZ Race Headerhttp://newcelica.org/forums/sh...64657
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