HIN (Hot Import Nights) REFUNDS for Dallas '09 Cancelled Show

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HIN (Hot Import Nights) REFUNDS for Dallas '09 Cancelled Show

Postby Dallas01 » Sat Feb 13, 2010 1:55 am

I'm looking for anyone who purchased tickets to the Dallas 2009 HIN show which was canceled. I was never refunded. I have left numerous voice messages and emails with no response. I actually spoke to someone at HIN who told me there would be refunds to debit/credit purchases within 60 days of event date...which never happened.

I'm wondering how many people have not been refunded by HIN for this canceled show...and guessing HIN has made a lot of money off of this show that they never put on.

I know $30 isn't much but when you are talking about 100 or more people losing out, HIN is basically stealing that much money and they shouldn't get away with it.

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