2009 Vibe Base For Sale-Atlanta GA

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2009 Vibe Base For Sale-Atlanta GA

Post by TomT » Wed Jun 20, 2018 7:45 am

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Hello, I'm selling my '09 Vibe base. This car has been my daily driver for the past 6 years and has been a very reliable car. I'm selling because I now have 3 cars and the Vibe doesn't quite fit in with my current needs. I need to keep my van for seating purposes and I taking back my oldest child"s '99 RAV4 as a project car. KBB has it valued at ~$3800.00 at the median price but I'm offering it for less due to a few issues, which I'll address below.

The Good:
1. Well loaded Base with 2.4L Automatic.
2. Power Windows, locks, cruise, AC (very cold ).
3. Power Sunroof.
4. No engine or tranny problems to speak of. Its never been in the shop.
5. Body is generally good, no damage other than a couple of door dings and some random scratches. There is some chipping on the hood but its not noticeable unless your close up. Most chips are about 2mm.
6. 17" Alloy wheels.

The Bad:
1. It has 253,000 miles on it, which is the main deduction of value by KBB. Again, no issues mechanically except:
2. It needs a new rear engine mount. This is not an immediate need. It vibrates some when idling at stop lights but poses no problems when driving. I previously posted about my intake manifold needing replacement, but it turns out it is the engine mount that is the issue. Taking off $200.00 for this. The part costs about $50.00; if your handy its about a 2hr job.
3. It needs new tires. The current tires are done. I could get some cheap tires just to have some new tread to show, but I know most people are particular about their preferred brand so I'm reducing the cost by $400.00 to help cover that expense.
4. It needs a new windshield. There are two long cracks from being stuck behind a gravel truck. It doesn't leak, its just an eyesore. Safelite quoted me $290.00. I'm taking off $400.00 for the replacement and inconvenience.
5. It burns about 1 quart of oil per oil change ( 3500-4000 miles).

So, I'm asking $2800.00 for it. I live in the Atlanta GA area.

Overall its been a great car. I'm confident I'd be able to take it to close to 400,000 mile without too much trouble if I kept it. ( I've previously reached 407K in a 99 Altima and 367K in an 86 Nissan king cab ). I think it'd be a great value car for an enthusiast to fix up and modify or it would make a great first car for someones kids. PM me if interested. I can send more pics as requested.

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