Hampton, VA Mechanic Recommendation Needed.

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Hampton, VA Mechanic Recommendation Needed.

Postby rneal55555 » Sun Aug 09, 2015 12:16 pm

While I actually live in New Hampshire

I might be dreaming but I know its not impossible, my daughter lives in Hampton Va. She has a 2010 Vibe with a 2.4 automatic, well according the the AAA approved shop that towed it in the supposedly bullet proof Toyota engine which has had normal maintenance is blown at 75,000 miles.

They are got two estimates of $4200 & &5500 for a used replacement engine installed which I think is kinda high.

Used engines with comparable miles can be $1000 to $1500 on car-part.com and All Data lists 16-19 hrs to R&R the engine, which at $100 an hour is still less than 2 grand add it together and I get $3500. what am I missing.

So if anybody knows a Good, Honest and Affordable Mechanic/Shop in the area I'd appreciate it.

I may just go and get it with a tow dolly and put one in myself.

PS sorry for starting with this and not saying Hi first but I just found you guys.

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