Lann's BMW 2000 Z3 Roadster "Kleine Kätzchen"

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Lann's BMW 2000 Z3 Roadster "Kleine Kätzchen"

Post by lannvouivre » Sun Mar 05, 2017 9:45 am

Built 9/16/1999 in Spartanburg, SC

Trading Epona in:

Photo I took the other day with crappy lighting angles:

2.8L M52TUB28 I6 with dual VANOS (continuously variable cam timing on intake and exhaust)
GM 4L30E 4-speed auto transmission (my legs are too short to operate a clutch without burning it)
Torsen rear differential 4.10 ratio
Titanium Silver (titansilber) Metallic paint
Black leather interior
Fog lights

Optional stuff:
Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
Side airbags
Heated washer nozzles; that's right, peasants, my washer nozzles are $40 masterpieces that I can assure you are HIGHLY necessary in TX (car was originally sold in Dallas)
Heated side mirrors
Chomeline interior
Black soft top
Electric/hydraulic soft top AND IT WORKS, TOO
Wood trim
Heated seats <3
Harmon Kardon "Hi-fi" stereo system, which was all rotten and has been mostly replaced
White turn signals
M leather steering wheel

CD changer
BMW-approved Alpine keyless entry, which pretty much requires you be standing by the car to use the fob LOLOLOLOL; how I found it

Stuff I have "modified":
Replaced stereo with a Continental TR7412UB-OR with Bluetooth and USB
Removed Alpine keyless entry
Removed CD changer
Replaced Harmon Kardon amp with Pioneer GM-D1004
Replaced front speakers with Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 5.25" speakers
Replaced rear speakers with RF R14X2 4" speakers that my amp is overpowering
Replaced engine oil dipstick with black anodized ECS Tuning dipstick
Pipercross drop-in foam panel filter
Not-fantastic Spyder/SONAR black headlights with stupid CCFL halos; working on upgrading them
Meyle Heavy Duty rear shock mounts
Cheap stubby silver aluminum antenna
Aluminum power steering and water pump pulleys via URO
Replaced water pump with Steward high-flow version with stainless impeller
Carmani 16" 35mm offset "Complete" wheels in "kristalsilber"

Actual mods involving fabrication:
Replaced OEM manifolds/cats with some eBay $140 specials due to a hard-to-locate exhaust leak; thought a manifold may be cracked, and replacements are quite expensive
Replaced cats with a 2x2" inlet, 1x2.5" outlet cat followed by a small 2.5" in/out cat
Extended O2 sensor harnesses and sleeved with high-temp fiberglass or somesuch wire sleeves
Replaced center resonator with 2.5" in/out Moroso Spiralflow muffler
Replaced rear muffler with 2.5" offset in/center out Hooker Aerochamber muffler
Replaced dual tips with 3" Gibson tips

Maintenance replacements:
idler pulleys and A/C tensioner pulley; found accessory belt tensioner pulley to be different size
entire cooling system due to unknown age; found pipes under manifold to be rotten
intake manifold gaskets
engine mounts; one was broken in half but no extra vibration etc was detectable because I6s are smooth
transmission mounts
giubo (flex disc)
center support bearing
exhaust hanger
some vacuum hoses
fuel filter
spark plugs, Denso iridum plugs; old plugs were platinums and electrodes were almost recessed :)

Incoming maintenance:
A/C hydraulic tensioner shock
Accessory belt -> Continental Elite (gatorback)
Accessory tensioner
A/C belt -> Conti Elite
VANOS rebuild with viton seals and anti-rattle bushings
Differential bushing + cover reseal
Meyle HD control arms
Poly control arm bushings
Camber-adjustable rear trailing arm bushings
Fender liner mods
Possible ISC coilovers due to worn springs and rear shocks
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