Send Photos from your Camera to your Computer WIRELESSLY!!

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Send Photos from your Camera to your Computer WIRELESSLY!!

Postby djkeev » Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:27 am

I recently got a new camera which I've come to really like. The only downside is that you must either plug in the camera to the computer or remove the SD card and plug that into the computer. THis isn't a major problem except that I've had bad experiences with the SD card slot cover being somewhat flimsy and not holding up to multiple openings and closings over the years.

I've also become used to being able to email myself photos I've taken with my iPhone so admittedly am spoiled by the lack of effort to import photos into my computer.

I had purchased a book about Digital photography and they mentioned a product called the Eye-Fi SD card. This uses WiFi to download photos from your camera!!
I found out that Staples sold these and immediately purchased one. It's only been a day or so with no real prolonged testing but I am indeed pleased with how it works. IT's transferring 12mp images wirelessly into my laptop with no problems.

This may be the single greatest accessory available for a digital camera!

Here are some links if anyone is interested. I only paid $39 at Staples for the 4gb version so they are affordable.


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