Nikon CoolPix P500 / WiFi

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Nikon CoolPix P500 / WiFi

Postby djkeev » Thu Jan 05, 2012 7:33 am

I recently upgraded to the Nikon P500 camera. It isn't a true point and shoot but it isn't an SLR either. Falls into that gap between the two. I chose it mainly because it had features I wanted plus it has a glass lens instead of plastic as the Canon competitor has.

As I use it I am finding much I do NOT know about this unit. I stumbled across this book which I ordered and has been immensely helpful.

As I use it I've found that I've become used to the wonderful method of downloading pictures to my computer via WiFi from my iPhone. I tend to grab the iPhone even though it's photos are inferior because I can just zap it via email to my computer. I use this feature a LOT!! I recently upgraded from the 3g to the 4s mainly because of the better camera......and incredible SPEED!!!!

I regret not thinking about this feature when I shopped for cameras but the deal is done and I own this camera, be it good or be it bad!

Reading the book they mention a SD card called Eye-Fi. This card has the capacity to store but when it comes in range of a WiFi it will send the contents of the card to your computer wirelessly!

HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!! (if it works)

I purchased a 4gb card today and will be setting it up over the next day or two and seeing if it works as advertised. If it does, my very good camera may advance to an excellent camera!!

Does anyone have experience with this card or a similar unit? I'm not a pro, just an interested amateur who dabbles in photography.


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