Possible Erie, PA mini meet planning thread

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Possible Erie, PA mini meet planning thread

Post by hotbug1776 » Fri Jun 13, 2014 10:43 am

I'm thinking we may host a mini meet in Erie this year. Just something where people don't have to drive too long and can stay in a hotel or at the campgrounds if they so choose. Kinda like what the HCMO guys did. They just all hung out at the hotel parking lot, made a few drives to local attractions, and had a great time. It won't be the meet to end all meets, so your bucket lists will remain in tact. There may be a cruise around the area and some photo taking, but nothing extreme or mind blowing. Just some people having a great time enjoying their cars.

With that, I need date suggestions, and interest levels. Obviously, there was interest on Facebook, otherwise, I wouldn't be putting this here.

aaaannnnnndddddd, Discuss!!!!

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