Collinite 845 wax

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Collinite 845 wax

Postby jolt » Sun Jun 22, 2014 2:40 pm

After trying a lot of different waxes over the years, I just ran across Collinite 845 and tried it. So far it has been holding up and looking great. I wanted something that would last over the winter and not get washed off. You can read more about it here: I followed the information on how to apply and work with it here: I used a DA buffer with a black foam pad and had a heck of a time trying to get the Collinite 845 washed out of the pad when I was done. The wax would not break down in soapy water or with foam pad cleaner. I would drop the pad into a bucket of hot water with foamy soap, and as soon as the pad hit the water, the foam would disappear from the water. The Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax raised right out but the Collinite would not. It looked to me that the Collinite would be good for the long winter. Do a Google search for Collinite on some of the detailers forum boards.

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Re: Collinite 845 wax

Postby Jbenrod » Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:23 pm

I just purchased this product and wondered how your results have been over the longer term? If you used it how about giving us an update. I just put on my first application two weeks ago but liked how it was easy on and off. And, it only takes a very small amount to do the entire car but it must be totally clean before the application as it is not a cleaner.

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Re: Collinite 845 wax

Postby jolt » Sun Nov 12, 2017 5:52 pm

I have been very happy with this wax. It has been my go-to top coat. If you have checked out the two links I posted above, you will have an easy time applying and removing the wax. Because of the high amount of carnauba in this wax, it has lasted all winter. It just beads up water even after many car washes over the winter. I layer my waxes and what has worked best for me is to: 1. Clay bar the surface to clean. As you said, this wax has no cleaners in it so clay bar first after washing the car. 2. I put down a layer of Chemical Guys Glossworkz Glaze then wait a couple of hours. 3. Apply the Collinite 845 wax. The wax takes about 12 hours to harden up if you want to apply another coat. I only go with one coat as it is layered up with the glaze.

The glaze adds depth and brings out he color while the wax adds the protection and makes it last a long time. Because of the carnauba, the wax will white stain plastic, as all carnauba waxes will do, so you must be careful not to get the wax on the plastic or rubber parts.

Another product that has worked great for me and helps with the plastic is CarPro DLUX Plastic and Wheel Coating. This stuff is has lasted two years plus. It has brought back the color to the plastic parts and shields the plastic. Rain beads up on the plastic and dirt slides off. I even put it on the plastic engine cover. With the CarPro DLUX Plastic, I do not have to be as fussy when applying the Collinite 845 as the plastic coating keeps the collinite out of the plastic. ... /30-ml-S1/ or , you can read more. Make sure your plastic is clean before applying this. I used a stuff carpet bush (black) from here: to clean my plastic. I removed my foam backer pad from my DA polisher and put the bush on. It worked great to scrub the textured plastic clean with some 409 cleaner before putting the coating on the plastic.

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Re: Collinite 845 wax

Postby ColonelPanic » Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:31 pm

I've read quite a bit about Collinite 845 over the years but never tried it until this spring. Wow - wish I would have started using it years ago! 8-) The Vibe's paint is long gone, so it (or anything else) doesn't do a lot of good there. But on the other two with good paint, it's been amazing. Easy to put on, easy to take off, and it lasts and lasts...

Both the Sonic and Escape are ready for their first winters with Collinite 845. Looking forward to seeing how things turn out!

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