Grille revamp

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Grille revamp

Post by Ugetmyvibe » Fri Sep 08, 2017 6:24 pm

Hey guys, if your like me, you really like the areas that are supposed to be black and recessed looking to be black. So I'm repainting my main upper grilles. I'll put up photos if If it will let me, if not, I'll put in what I did and how.

Disclaimer, this is on a 2003 model. The steps may not be the same for yours, I'm not responsible for any damages or anything that goes wrong on your car during or after this process.

1. Remove grilles: there are two little rubber type things on the bumper, just unscrew those. Then you have 3 small pin type things that you will have to remove. On the backsides of the grilles are 4 tabs each you will have to undo.

2. Cleaning: wash liberally with soap and water then dry. Then poor some rubbing alcohol on it and let to make sure it's a clean surface.

3. Paint: I am using 3 coats of prismacolor white for a base, followed by 2 coats of blue (I am putting a blue lives matter stripe on mine), then 3-6 coats of black, and lastly around 3 coats of clear coat.

4. Reinstall: just reverse the steps from step one and your good to go!

Hope this helps!

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