Who can photo-shop a paint job for me?

Body kits, spoilers, lights, and anything on the exterior of the vehicle
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Who can photo-shop a paint job for me?

Postby lobi » Sat Sep 10, 2016 2:36 pm

Ok, Bought this Salsa Red '03 with crashed front end.
Local bone yard has bumper cover in black, I bought it. I didn't buy the hood yet because of small damage on the front, still searching.
How bad would a black front bumper and hood look on a Red car? Ok? Cool? Terrible? Be brutally honest. I can get the pieces painted but am actually considering going black hood/bumper. I also may be gloss black painting the aluminum rims because they are quite corroded anyway. I don't like the dull or plasti-dipped look on black wheels but do like high gloss black rims. That's just me.

Who can photoshop a red vibe for me with bumper and hood? What about a red section (stripe or stripes) painted on the black hood? Or Black bumper cover and red hood? Black bumper, red hood with black stripes? Oh, by the way, monotone red car, no grey.
Like to see what it could look like. 03-08, any stock vibe or google pic will do. Just looking for ideas. Flat black bumper and hood? I like gloss.

Thanks in advance for any ideas
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