Anyone Using Asymmetrical Wheels/Tires?

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Anyone Using Asymmetrical Wheels/Tires?

Postby GTwannabe » Mon Nov 20, 2017 6:24 pm

Hi guys, wondering if anyone else has been using an asymmetrical wheel/tire setup. Like wider wheels front vs back. Or stickier tread. I read about the old Pontiac Grand AM GTP's setup once, and have been chasing perfect handling through rubber ever since.

I am currently running Goodrich G-Force Sport Comp 2 A/S and "high performance" A/S from Firestone. In the summer I'll run the G-Force's up front for neutral handling and great turn in. Winter I swap it around for more predictability and stability at the cost of under steer. I also have a Progressive rear sway bar which makes things interesting. I would be really interested to hear from someone using wider tires front or rear with the same tread.
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