GoodVibes411 - 2007 Vibe

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GoodVibes411 - 2007 Vibe

Post by GoodVibes411 » Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:11 am

Hey folks,

It looks like my blower motor is going bad and I need it replaced. It is failing on all settings, including high. This started happening over a year ago, but these last few weeks it's happening a lot. The way I get it to come back on is to either drive over some potholes or to go on the highway and hit the “rumble strip” with my right tires. Has worked like a charm 3 times this week…but I know it's just gonna get worse and fail altogether.

I just had a certified shop take a look at it this morning, and they confirmed it's the blower motor and not just the resistor. (I admit, I am a woman who is not mechanical, and I may have the term wrong…) They estimated $300 for the part and labor, and said it'll only take an hour.

My beloved Vibe has 223,000 miles on it, and I just got through replacing the alternator, battery, starter and rotors a few months ago, spending $850. I am starting to think this blower motor repair could be done by a DIY mechanic and I don’t need to pay a certified shop to do it.

I am wondering if there is someone near me in South Hadley, Massachusetts who could do this work for less than the certified shop. And does it make sense to order the part on eBay or elsewhere online?

There are other repairs that are less urgent, like the front right fender liner is missing, a small front lower grill is missing, my bulb is burned out in the shifter console, the footrest on the floor broke off…Things I’ve just done without so far. My car was hit last July on the front right wheel/fender and there’s a small dent left, too. And some paint could use touch up, some scratches and dings here and there.

I’d love to get this blower motor fixed by the end of the weekend, or sooner if possible. I am a hearty New Englander, so I’m not so concerned about having no heat, but I don’t want to deal with ice and fog on the windows, and have it become a safety issue.

The other option here is to just replace this car asap. This is something I have to consider. But without having read all the forums here yet, I don't know how many miles my car could still have in it. I love my Vibe, and would consider getting a newer one with fewer miles. It's been a very reliable car up til recently, and I just love all the cargo space.

Thanks in advance for any and all input and referrals. :-)

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Re: GoodVibes411 - 2007 Vibe

Post by ehoff121 » Thu Mar 15, 2018 10:04 am

Welcome to genvibe from a fellow New Englander!

Do you remember how long ago the Cabin Air Filter was replaced last? Have you checked to see if there is any debris blocking the blades from turning?

If it is a bad blower motor, the replacement is fairly straightforward. You could check pricing on the part from
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Re: GoodVibes411 - 2007 Vibe

Post by GoodVibes411 » Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:20 pm

Thanks, ehoff121. :-)

To answer your question, I don't know if or when the blower may have been replaced in the past. I am the car's 2nd owner, I've had it since around 2010 if memory serves, and it was previously a Florida car.

I think a friend is going to have his 16 year old daughter give this replacement a try, with him overseeing her work. He works as a professional repair/handyman and she is showing a lot of interest in mechanical work herself. I am awaiting word, and hope to get this done this week.

I'll suggest RockAuto as a place to order the part. :-)

(He suggested I could do it myself, but alas, I have chronic Lyme, and any kind of bending over sets me into a near-fainting dizzy spell. And my muscles and joints are a mess. Cross my fingers, true healing is in my near future.)

Lastly, it seems the blower is working okay since having the mechanic look at it the other day. I am wondering if he tweaked something that is keeping it spinning...I'm glad for this, whatever the cause!

Thanks again. :-)

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