BigDoug's 2004 Satellite silver base

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BigDoug's 2004 Satellite silver base

Postby bigdoug » Tue Oct 11, 2016 4:55 pm

Okay, finally, a garage thread. Been meaning to do this for a while and just been too lazy.

Car specs:
2004 Base
Satellite silver non-two-tone (trim is same color as rest of car)
Automatic transmission
Factory tweeters and amp, might have been Moons and Tunes but no sub in the trunk.
Originally a loner car for a Pontiac dealership, then privately owned for several years.
Little rust on the body, mostly surface rust
Had a mild front end collision, no frame damage. Hood's slightly crooked.
ABS standard
Had factory pouches on the back of the rear seats.
114k miles when bought in early July 2016
120k miles as of Oct 2016

New things when I bought it
- New front and rear loaded struts
- New battery
- New brakes and rotors, front

Things that need to be fixed since I bought it
- Driver's side mirror (fixed)
- Front speakers (fixed)
- no key fob
- high third brake light burned out (fixed)
- needed engine and cabin air filters (fixed)
- Rear cupholder broken (fixed)
- No cargo mat (fixed)
- recirculation door flaps
- fog lights broken (fixed)
- lower grills missing (fixed)
- small chips in windshield
- replace fluids (halfway there)
- paint chips
- headlight lenses are scratched up
- front door window runners are bad (fixed)

Things fixed so far
- Third brake light
- Cupholder
- OEM cargo mat
- door window runners

Future aftermarket mods
- Fog lights
- LED third brake lights
- Halos/HIDs for headlights
- Custom grills (may just paint grills)
- spoiler
- Aftermarket head, speakers, maybe sub
- Window tinting?
- Lower struts or bigger tires/wheels
- Paint/wrap engine cover
- CAH and fabric filter
- Change gauge/console light color from red to blue
- Taillight mods


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Re: BigDoug's 2004 Satellite silver base

Postby vibenvy » Sun Oct 16, 2016 3:48 pm

Welcome to GenVibe! I notice your Vibe is the best color :cool:!
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Re: BigDoug's 2004 Satellite silver base

Postby bigdoug » Wed May 17, 2017 1:59 pm

I haven't updated this in a while, so I'll list what I've done with it since then, maybe add some photos.

The list of current repairs and mods:
  • Replaced front driver & passenger window seal strips. I pulled them used off a 04 corolla, and they fit perfectly. I used 3M black trim tape, which is what they originally come with, but I placed the trim tape on both corners.
  • Two lower grills from a junkyard, they were missing when I got the car.
  • Antenna from a junk yard
  • Generic fabric floor mats.
  • A rubber all-season floor mat for the driver's side.
  • A dual nozzle sprayer for the rear window. I like it better than the single nozzle sprayer. To replace without scratching the paint, use a pair of old credit or gift cards on either side of the sprayer.
  • Door stop for the driver's side door. The old one didn't slow the door and it would fly open with the slightest touch.
  • A new driver's side mirror.
  • Passenger fog light
  • Put some older speakers in the front to replace the non-functioning ones.
  • Had a trans shop swap the trans fluid and filter.
  • New tires from walmart.
  • The bar in front of the radiator and below the hood latch.
  • Radiator drain plug, part Dorman 61125.
  • New AC delco sway bar links.

The Toyota Corolla window run seals, with new 3M tape.

Old pass side mirror, new driver's side mirror

When I replaced the fog light the tabs that hold them in didn't work, so I used a fender washer and a screw. The black buttons on either side can be pulled off, when you drill into them for the screw make sure you drill through the middle of that black tab in the center, because the cavity around it is part of the fog light, and metal. My aim was a tad off but it was okay.

Being in the snow belt, roads get slippery. I slid back into a mailbox, which was sadly a metal/wood one and not plastic. I think I can beat this out. :(

This also fell off due to snow. So did the fender liner on the front right side, but I was able to put that back in. I'm keeping this off until I can inspect and treat rust spots under it.

Snow means potholes, and my state is filled with them. A deep one did this. I was planning on new tires but this quickened the search and didn't give me much time to shop around. Hopefully the walmart tires will last a while.

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Re: BigDoug's 2004 Satellite silver base

Postby Jbenrod » Mon Sep 17, 2018 6:19 am

Enjoying reading the progress you are making on this Vibe. It's turning out to be a very nice example, and hopefully you can avoid some of those extreme potholes (craters) this coming winter.

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