How to remove center console (2009/2010)

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How to remove center console (2009/2010)

Postby MacGyver » Sun Jun 19, 2016 4:08 pm

You may wish to remove your center console for cleaning out remains of sticky beverages, access to the parking brake wire for aftermarket audio install, or space for additional wiring or power outlets.

The 2009/2010 center console is built in sections that pull apart. Here's how:

0. DO NOT remove the screws from the bottom of the armrest bin. Do this last!

1. Remove the armrest lid. Two screws at the bottom of the hinge hold it on. This isn't required but it will make it easier.

2. OPTIONAL: Remove the rear cupholders and panel. Two screws inside the cupholder door. The rear panel pulls away easily.

3. Remove the cupholder/e-brake section. Pry along the edges of the top with your fingers or plastic pry tool; it pulls right out. The e-brake skirt has a metal ring that pops into grooves in the plastic, just slide and pop the whole thing out. The skirt stays attached to the e-brake handle. Engage the e-brake to allow enough play to remove the panel to which its skirt is attached.

4. Pull the front bin straight towards the rear of the car. The entire section along with the 12V and 115V outlets pops out. Tie into the 12V outlet wiring here for additional 12V stuff you're adding to the car or center console. Twist and move this to the driver's side footwell so you don't have to disconnect all the wiring and cut the ties.

5. Remove two screws revealed behind the power outlets panel you just removed.

6. Finally, remove two 10mm hex screws from the bottom of the armrest compartment, underneath the fabric pad at the bottom. You can now remove the remainder of the center console. You might be tempted to remove these screws first, but it makes removing the panels mentioned above a lot more difficult when the base of the console isn't moving around.
With the cupholder and front tray removed
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Re: How to remove center console (2009/2010)

Postby vibrologist » Sun Jun 19, 2016 5:36 pm

Nice write up! I entered it into the maintenance index.
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