Recirculate motor tick/clunk

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Recirculate motor tick/clunk

Postby Kelpie » Mon Dec 28, 2015 7:31 am

Hey All,

Mu 03 vibe has the ticking dash thing where the recirculater motor is stripped. I did a search, and the posts pointed to the following:

The thing is that the post is not found. Does anyone have the directions to fix this?


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Re: Recirculate motor tick/clunk

Postby lannvouivre » Mon Dec 28, 2015 7:37 am

Remove your airbag on the passenger's side. You don't need to unplug it, just unbolt it and scoot it aside. It takes a size 12 mm, I think, for the airbag bolts. (It may be 13 or 14 mm, two of Toyota's other favorite fastener sizes).

The recirculate motor is fastened with three screws in some stupid size like 5.5 mm. I don't remember what size standard wrench or socket fits on them, 7/32"? Unplug it first, of course. Once you get it out, savagely attack it with a sledge hammer to--oh, no, actually, don't do that. That's just how I feel about the motor.

Here's a thread with images: viewtopic.php?f=28&t=38246
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