door gasket wear

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Re: door gasket wear

Postby joatmon » Wed Aug 02, 2017 9:09 am

Curt wrote:I've noticed the same thing has happened to my door gasket. It's caused by the seat belt shoulder harness not retracting all the way back and at times getting stuck in the door cutting (sawing) on the gasket. Seems the gasket (or weatherstripping) is no longer available anywhere that I've looked unless someone knows of a source I haven't found yet.

Curt, you joined a while ago, but since it says this is your first post, Welcome to genvibe.

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The molding is part number 88970318, a google search shows a couple of GM parts resellers that still offer it, $85=$100 or so. Not sure its worth it.

At some point, perhaps 4 years ago, I replaced mine again, this time myself using one I got off a wreck at a junkyard for token money

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