DRL & Auto Headlights Disable & Foglight Mod - 2009 GT

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DRL & Auto Headlights Disable & Foglight Mod - 2009 GT

Post by XYooper906 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:55 am

I found some of the other threads confusing when trying to accomplish the DRL and auto headlights disable mod. The connector to my DRL module is numbered differently and the wire colors are different than what I found in the other threads. For instance, the large wires listed as "A" & "B" in other threads are numbered "1" & "2" on my connector. I'm including some pics of my connector and will show how I did my mods. This was done on a 2009 GT.

The reasons I wanted to accomplish these mods are:
  • I upgraded to LED headlight bulbs. The DRL uses the high beam bulbs at a lower voltage. LED bulbs do not do well at less than designed voltage. Although they are dimmer, there was a pronounced flicker when in DRL mode.
  • I wanted to disable the auto headlights.
  • I wanted independent control of the FOG lights when the headlight switch was in the park lights or headlights position. I also wanted the FOG lights to stay on in the headlight high beam mode.
If your connector is like mine and the wire colors are the same, it should work for you.

To disable the DRL & auto headlights: Cut the #12 BLUE wire and insulate both ends. Alternately, you can remove the socket and wire together from the connector. I had difficulty releasing it without the proper tool. So I cut the wire instead of risking that I damage the connector or socket. It could be re-soldered or connected with a Posi-Lock connector to restore normal function.

To accomplish the FOG light mod: Install a jumper between the #4 WHITE wire and the #14 LT. BLUE wires. I used Posi-Tap connectors which are very reliable and secure. They are also easily removed and reused.

If you want/need the ability to easily or temporarily restore normal function, ON/OFF switches could be installed inline with the #12 BLUE wire, and separately inline the jumper for the FOG lights.
Connector 1 - Reduced.jpg
Connector 1 - Reduced.jpg (852.62 KiB) Viewed 189 times
Connector 2 - Reduced.jpg
Connector 2 - Reduced.jpg (729.82 KiB) Viewed 189 times
Connector 3 - Reduced.jpg
Connector 3 - Reduced.jpg (1001.3 KiB) Viewed 189 times

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