backup camera

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backup camera

Postby buckster » Mon May 15, 2017 2:34 am

lookng for wireing diagram for rear hatch, it has the licence plate holder, want to locate a power connect. 08' vibe. Wife want,s NEW van wiith camera, hopfully this works its a lot cheaper. Peak back-up camera

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Re: backup camera

Postby joatmon » Sat May 20, 2017 4:34 pm

The attached diagram is for the rear wiper on an 03 Matrix, but it should also apply to your 08 Vibe. It shows 12V from the RR Wiper fuse is switched by the ignition relay (meaning its connected whenever the ignition is set to Run (not off or ACC) and is a blue (L) wire that goes to Pin 7 on the rear wiper. It shows that there are three other wires there, a blue with black stripe (L-B), a blue with white stripe (L-W), and a white with black stripe (W-B). I looked at my Vibe, popped off the little trim piece by the hatch glass latch, and can see those wires, plus a solid black wire that doesn't appear in the wiring diagram. You'd probably want to take the whole hatch trim off and should be able to find that solid blue wire in a more accessible spot. I didn't put a voltmeter on it to verify.

Is the camera wireless or do you have to snake a video cable from the hatch to the front?

You could also tap into the green wire feeding the license plate light, but that wire would only be 12V when the tail lights are on. If you were in DRL mode, where the tail lights are off and only the headlights are on half bright, that green wire wouldn't have power.
Rear Wiper Wiring Diagram
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