2009 vibe 2.4 LT front wheel drive E-brake adjustment

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2009 vibe 2.4 LT front wheel drive E-brake adjustment

Post by Pr0230 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 3:05 pm

My car has disk breaks all way round... AND the Emergency hand brake is incorporated into the DISKS in the back.
There is NO drum under the disk, or the little hole in the rotor that you can adjust your brakes with.

This method involves taking up slack AT THE hand lever in the middle console... MOST videos on youtube
Will show you there are FOUR bolts that have to be removed to remove the plastic center console.
ON THIS CAR there are only two bolts under the center storage compartment... BUT NO BOLTS have to
Be removed for this car. The CENTER piece of plastic that contain the two cup holder dividers, can be
Poped up... this piece has the leather cover for the brake handel.... Once this center is removed, on the side of the
Hand brKE ARE two 10mm bolts... THEY are tightened together. Loosen and remove the top bolt... then screw the remaining
Bolt colckwise to take up slack. BTW the brake handle should be released... Give it two full turns, replace the top
Bolt and tighten the bolts against each other... an open end wrench and a 10mm socket will do the trick... Test the
Hand brake and adjust accordingly.


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Re: 2009 vibe 2.4 LT front wheel drive E-brake adjustment

Post by cq358 » Fri Oct 26, 2018 9:13 pm

Thanks Pr0230 for the tips,
I also wants to add my experience for experienced very loose e brake cable.
Before doing ebrake cable adjustment, I suggest examine whether the rear calipers are not seized.Based on numerous forum for XB/Matrix/Prius which all uses the integrated rear ebrakes , due to age and lack of maintenance ( not flushing brakes once every other yrs) and driving on rust belt the piston prone to sieize. To check that, use a rear brakes piston compression tool (press and turn , please don't use the dice , use one the one below) and try push the piston all the way back. If you experience huge difficulties to retract your caliper you might need to fix the caliper first before doing ebrake adjustment.

https://www.ebay.ca/itm/22PCS-Disc-Brak ... 0677.m4598

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Re: 2009 vibe 2.4 LT front wheel drive E-brake adjustment

Post by Transylvania » Mon Oct 29, 2018 1:53 pm

Thank you to both of you for the detailed information. Was able to remove the slack and tighten the hand brake. Much better!

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