Brake pad CLIPS and lubrication.

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Brake pad CLIPS and lubrication.

Post by Pr0230 » Sat Nov 25, 2017 4:50 am

In watching brake replacement videos, I noticed that there are SOMETIMES clips that go on the brake PADS. MOST times I see pads being installed there Are NO clips on the pads. On one of the video there was ONE clip placed on each pad. I Bought a hardware set and there are four brake pad clips included.... WHEN do you use BRAKE PAD CLIPS?

BRAKE PAD LUBRICATION. I’ve seen brake pads replaced with NO lubriction, lubricantion on the tips of the brake pads, and lubrication on the rear of the pads. I understand the WHYS and spots for lubriction, but why the variations... I plan on lubricating the tips (for sliding) and rear of the pads (so the pads don’t stick).

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Re: Brake pad CLIPS and lubrication.

Post by jolt » Sat Nov 25, 2017 4:20 pm

Youtube, if that is where you are getting info from, can be full of a lot of wrong information from a lot of want-a-be car repair guys. The best thing I can tell you at this point is to go to this site: Sign up and get the factory information for YOUR vehicle.

Take pictures before you take it apart and as you take it apart. Do one wheel at a time so if you really fug up, you can look at the other side and maybe figure it out. The tabs on the pads need to fit and slide freely in their slots. If not, you need to remove all the rust from the slots for the tabs on the pads. Pads should have came with all the clips and backings, if not then buy pads that do come complete. The only lube on the disc brake from the factory is on the slide pins and the back of the pads to insulators.

Brakes are the single most important safety device on a car. You are putting everyone else lives in jeopardy if you fug up. MAKE SURE YOU DO IT RIGHT! Follow factory information for your Vibe from a factory source.

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