Free Aem FIC Tunes for t3 and t3/t4 51 trim 550cc inj

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Free Aem FIC Tunes for t3 and t3/t4 51 trim 550cc inj

Postby revstohigh » Wed Jun 18, 2014 10:00 pm

hey guys figured i would save you guys some time money and headache if you decide to go turbo since tuning is pretty expensive.......

Private message me for the tunes or instruct me on how to make them public, because it woln't let me upload them here

there are prolly 10 various tunes , one possibly more were for the smaller turbo , one is from a dyno , and the rest were road tunes with 11.5:1 as goal. the dyno one is not as good of a tune as the rest all tunes are 8 psi
03 GT, t3/t40e rear mounted, aem fic,550cc inj, mwr fuel pump, 2 row rad, trd thrmostat, wmr shifter, tokico struts, st springs, progress bars, 17x7 235/45

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