Air Inlet Control Servo Motor

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Air Inlet Control Servo Motor

Postby Johnpat27 » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:38 pm

2008 Vibe

My air inlet control servo motor operates just fine, until it has the flap all the way open to let the outside air in.
Then it continually tries to keep opening the flap, and at the end of each "try" it makes a loud clack. The flap stays open the whole time, but you can visibly see it strain to open it because it pushes harder on the already open flap, then makes the clack, then starts the cycle again.

Does the servo motor have a stop that would necessitate replacing the motor, or is there a separate limiter of some kind?

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Re: Air Inlet Control Servo Motor

Postby joatmon » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:54 am

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This is a not uncommon failure. There are no electrical stops on it, the motor is always pushing. It drives a plastic gear set that moves the air source flap, switching between fresh and recirc reverses the motor, but either way when the flap reaches its mechanical travel limit, the motor is always trying to move it forward. What happens is eventually, a few teeth on one of the gears fail

There are a number of threads on this issue, one that made the maintenance index list (a sticky in the maintenance bay section) is viewtopic.php?t=23692

The gear that gets stripped has a small enough range of rotation that its possible to take the part out, take it apart and reposition the internal gear so that the stripped teeth aren't in the range of travel.

When it failed on mine, I just bought a whole new part

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